UPDATE: All-Clear Given at Marshfield High School after Lockdown

Update 3:30 p.m.:

The School District of Marshfield has released more info regarding Monday morning’s accidental lockdown at Marshfield High School.

In an email to parents, the district said the lockdown at 7:18 a.m. occurred when a staff member inadvertently activated the automated lockdown system connected to the building access control and PA systems.

Each school building has an automated lockdown system that’s activated via a lockdown button in the main office or by holding a special lockdown key card to any key fob reader in or outside the building. When either of these methods are used, all exterior doors to that building are locked and an automated announcement relating lockdown procedure is played over the PA system.

A staff member initiated a lockdown by accidentally holding the special key fob too close to a fob reader while attempting to use a regular key fob to open an exterior door.

“We would like to extend our deepest apologies for the confusion and concern that this inadvertent lockdown caused,” the district stated in the email. “We will continue to work with our staff to provide the necessary training and re-training on the use and operation of this automated lockdown system in an attempt to avoid situations like this in the future.”


What was originally reported as a drill is now being reported to OnFocus as a hard lockdown at Marshfield High School. Marshfield Police Department is on-scene and students are being kept outside. Busses are being held off site.

UPDATE: As of 7:52 am, all-clear was given and students are being allowed inside the hallways.

There is no reported threat at the school. Initial reports state that the alarm was accidentally given. This is a developing story.

8:36am – Marshfield School District issued a statement: “At 7:18am Monday, December 2nd there was an inadvertent trigger of the lockdown system at the High School and lockdown procedures were initiated. Lockdown was cancelled at approximately 7:55am; at no time was there a threat to staff or students. Students have been allowed into the building and classes have resumed.

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