Abby Ford Opens Under New Ownership

Adam Olson - Service Manager; Bill Purdy - Sales Manager; Dan Vlach - General Manager; Shannon Grewe - Owner

Abbotsford – Feddick Ford in Abbotsford will continue to serve the area under new ownership.

Shannon Grewe, owner of Colby and Medford Chrysler Centers, acquired the business as of August 1. The full-service dealership will now be known as Abby Ford.

“I purchased Abby Ford in order to bring Ford consumers the same extraordinary experience for which the Chrysler dealerships are known for when it comes to purchasing, repairing and maintaining vehicles,” he said. “By expanding the brands that were currently offered, we can meet the wants and needs of community members.”

Purchasing Abby Ford will allow Grewe to carry on and extend the dealerships’ practice of supporting local communities. Over the years, his businesses have sponsored local sports teams, donated to various causes, participated in community events and supported local youth through animal auctions. Additionally, Abby Ford has expanded job opportunities in the area by adding on more employees.

Proud of Abbotsford’s small town values, Grewe feels it is important to invest in the community.

“By working together, I hope to maintain our close-knit community in which we all support each other,” he said. “Investing in our community allows our local residents opportunities that they may not have otherwise had.”

Over the next several months, guests at Abby Ford can expect more inventory and great service from both new and familiar faces. Visit Abby Ford at 501 N. 4th Street in Abbotsford or get in touch by calling 715-223-2124.

Kaylin S
Author: Kaylin S

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