Unfortunate Cause, Thankfully No Injuries

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Marshfield | On Sunday, January 14th, the driver of a white Dodge Dakota had a medical emergency while he was traveling westbound on 14th Avenue.

Due to the seizure, he crossed Central Ave where his vehicle jumped the curb and entered the parking lot of The Store gas station. He then struck an unoccupied car as a result of the impact. The Oldsmobile Alero GL pushed into an outdoor ICE freezer near the front entrance of the convenience store. The pickup truck and driver then proceeded westbound through the parking lot, where it then struck an utility pole, crossed traffic, and then finally stopped when hitting a tree in the front yard of a residence in the 200 block of 14th Street. The individual was transported to Marshfield Medical Center. Reports indicate there were no serious injuries.

Marshfield has had a recent trend of crashes involving vehicle and residential households. While the aforementioned crash was the result of a medical incident, in the other crashes the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

“Officers stop vehicles for a number of reasons, to include some things one may not think of when driving under the influence,” said Police Chief Rick Gramza. “Problems such as loud exhaust, not using your directional while turning or changing lanes, cracked windshield, not turning into the closest lane when making a left or right turn, failing to completely stop for a stop sign, speeding, impeding traffic by slow speed, etc are some examples that can get anyone stopped by an officer, regardless of impairment.  Being involved in a traffic crash and not being at fault could lead to you being arrested if you are under the influence.”

Second Vehicle Strike

There are other resources and options available to those that may have been drinking and need a ride home.

“Running Inc now provides service through 3am on the weekends and until midnight on weeknights,” said Gramza. “This service is well worth the alternative if you have had too much to drink.”

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