A Community Embraces a Pandemic

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A Note from Us

Marshfield (OnFocus) Through our local coverage of the coronavirus pandemic we have witnessed acts of kindness and neighbors helping neighbors.

Over the last few days, we have started to feel and see the impacts of the outbreak in our community. Sporting events have been cancelled, social events have been postponed, schools are announcing closures, and essential household products are running out of stock.

Through it all, we have seen people rise above the strain, businesses open their doors, and employees invest in their community.

In aisle 10, we met a man who we learned had connected with his elderly neighbors, especially the ones that don’t have nearby family, to see what they need. We found him sorting out food, cleaning supplies, and essential personnel items that he planned to hand deliver.

During a time when people will need more help, one of the key fundraisers for a local pantry – Soup Or Socks (S.O.S.)- had to be postponed. Nearly 20 businesses had made food donations for their annual event, Empty Bowls. With over 30 gallons of soup, some which couldn’t be frozen, the Weiler family opened their doors to offer a place where people could make a donation towards the pantry in exchange for a bag of cookies or container of soup.

As the schools began to announce their plans for closure, individuals are reaching out to us asking how they might be able to help.

We see friends are offering their time and opening their homes to help relieve the stress of daycare.

We know of employers processing how they can provide service to the community and ensure their staff are healthy, safe, and are able to provide for their families.

We have spoken to healthcare professionals, and leaders in the community are sharing with us much-needed information. We will continue to provide the coverage and extend our services.

With our sports season coverage coming to an abrupt stop, we are offering up our streaming platform for communities. We will be sharing church services, broadcasting celebrations of life, and connecting you with education and health professionals. We are going to do the best that we can to keep you connected with our community. If you need support, please feel free to reach out.

We are one community. When we are tested, we shine. We are proud that we have witnessed these acts and we know there are more to come.

God Bless each of you and our great community. Go and make our world proud.

Branden Bodendorfer, OnFocus Founder

Feel free to reach out to us with your story via [email protected].