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Paper Planning to Digital Planning in 2022

Michael Hyatt is a world leader in paper planning. If you are a Full Focus Planner user looking to transition from paper planning to digital planning, you’re in luck! While there is not a digital Full Focus Planner, there is a digital option that is similar to the one created by Michael Hyatt.

The Key2Success Planner is a professional planning system that focuses on your own goal achievement, while providing you the daily, weekly and monthly management that is required for those who are thriving in their professional life. The focus of the planner goes beyond just career development with establishing 4 key development area, self, community, relationship and career. This digital planner will be the one that will move you forward each week.

According to their website, there are many people who transition from Full Focus Planner to digital. The Key2Success Planner expands the user’s ability and longterm planning goals with the professional builder. This is a one-page business and professional career planner designed to change how you look at digital planning and planning in your career.

  • Vision – drawing area where you can take a few minutes and decide what you want for your year and next few years. Use the vision board for more specifics. This spot is more generic and big picture
  • Key Boulders – indicate the challenges you face at this time
  • Key Resources – determine what resources you need and which are currently available that you can use right now
  • Key Values – your fundamental beliefs, things you’ll hold tried and true
  • Key Vitals – measurements of process and accountability, will help you determine if you are on-track
  • 10-Year Target – bigger picture “I have a dream and this is what I want to achieve”. Use this space to determine if your shorter-terms goals fit this long-term goal
  • Absolutes – your strongest asset is your exit strategy. You have to achieve this. Anything less than this is failing. Helps motivate and make tough decisions
  • Accountable Actions – responsibilities of you and your core team
  • Routine – patterns and processes that will guide progress
  • Goals – identify goals for the next three years. Help you get in the right frame of mind and on-track for those 10-year goals
  • Organizational Impact – the effect of your success and how it will impact your business
  • Reaction/Adaptation – next steps

To learn more, visit www.Key2SuccessPlanner.com!

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