$411,000 Badger 5 Jackpot Claimed by Stevens Point Woman

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Jackpot Largest Ever for Wisconsin-Only Lotto Game

Wisconsin Lottery – On April 30, the largest Badger 5 jackpot ever was won with a ticket purchased at Coopers 10-39 BP in Stevens Point.

Ginger Wolf of Stevens Point has claimed the record-setting jackpot. Wolf purchased the ticket as a quick pick and the winning numbers were: 1-5-7-12-23.

The last largest Badger 5 jackpot was won on May 13, 2013 for $389,000. Retailers who sell winning tickets over $599 receive an incentive of 2 percent of the winning ticket amount, up to $100,000.

Coopers 10-39 BP will receive a $8,220 incentive. Badger 5 is a Wisconsin-only lotto game. The odds of winning the Badger 5 jackpot is 1 in 169,911.

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