2020 WIAA Football Playoffs: Division 1 Level 1 Pick the Winners

2020 WIAA Football Playoffs Picks Challenge

Division 1

The 2020 WIAA Football Playoffs are here, and we provide you with a fun challenge that lets football fans test their ability to predict the winners!

Using a Google Form, you, the OnFocus reader, simply needs to go to the LINK and then  pick the winner, game by game, for all Level 1 games in Division 1.

Division 2 WIAA Football Playoffs Picks Challenge Level 1

There are two additional tiebreaker questions at the end:

  • Select the number of games  in Round 1 that will be won by the home team
  • Select the number of games in Round 1 that will be decided by 6 points or less

Contest:    2020 WIAA Football Playoffs Picks Challenge DIVISION 1

(Check back with OnFocus as we update our picks challenge for Divisions 1 – 6


Results for each Division of our Football Playoff Picks Challenge will be posted Saturday, November 14

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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