2020 Iola Car Show Cancelled

PHOTO: https://www.facebook.com/iolacarshow/

The 2020 Iola Car Show has been cancelled and the Swap Meet postponed, according to a statement on the event Facebook page.

“After careful deliberation, and with the best information available at this time, the Board of Directors and Iola Car Show Team have made this decision feeling it is the only responsible option,” said in their statement, signed by Executive Director Joe Opperman.

The statement also announced the first ever “Rally for Iola,” an event that is under development and will include a drive through the show grounds and street cruise, scheduled for July 11.

“The beauty and magic of the Iola Car Show is not something provided by one group or segment, but rather by the assembly of many parts,” Opperman stated. “Together, we are a powerful engine! I am confident that despite these unprecedented challenges, we will overcome this together.”

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