2018 Studies Approved By Council

Council Approves Over $100,000 In Studies In 2018

When there is something on which the City is considering spending money, they will sometimes consult an independent organization to conduct a feasibility study. These studies do cost money, but are done to determine the feasibility of the dollars the City is looking to spend.

Since the election of a new mayor in April, the City of Marshfield has approved/reviewed over $100,000 in studies.

Below, we outline the studies that have been done and what the outcome of these studies has been. (Note: Dates highlighted are the date Council approved, via the Consent Agenda.)

May 8, 2018

Request to authorize staff to execute an agreement with MSA Professional Services for an update to the City’s 2014 housing study and needs assessment. Presented by Steve Barg, City Administrator.

Recommended Action: Authorize staff to execute an agreement and to prepare a budget resolution transferring the necessary funds.

Cost: $8,150

Status: Late. According to plan, the Housing Study should have been before Council in October.

June 12, 2018

Request to approve Budget Resolution No. 12-2018 – Second Street Corridor Master Plan. Presented by Josh Miller, Director of Development Services

Recommended Action: Approve Budget Resolution No. 12-2018

Cost: $50,000 (total)

Status: On hold, the agreement has not been executed.

July 10, 2018

Request to approve outdoor aquatic facility feasibility proposal. Presented by Justin Casperson, Parks and Recreation Director.

Recommended Action: Approve outdoor aquatic facility feasibility proposal.

Cost: $28,000

Status: Plans are working council approved challenge grant at Oct 16th Common Council meeting.

July 24, 2018

Background: December 12, 2017 – Review/discuss police department space needs study report.

Cost: $25,100

Status: City is evaluating a possible relocation site for the Police Station.

October 22, 2018

Request to approve Budget Resolution No. 22-2018, transferring $12,000 within the Public Safety Capital Outlay Fund for site evaluation services for possible relocation of the Police Station. Presented by Dan Knoeck, Public Works Director.

Recommended Action: Approve Budget Resolution No. 22-2018.

Cost: $12,000

Status: Just authorized.

Summary: $123,250 have been authorized this year. This cost does not include expenses and other ancillary costs.

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