Special Opportunity for Local 5 Year-old

Spencer Boy Take Control of His Motion

Noah Felix is driving around school in style. Felix, a 5-year-old Spencer boy, was diagnosed with X-linked hydrocephalus, or L1 syndrome, a rare congenital disorder that primarily affects the nervous system.

Tracy Felix, Noah’s mom, got the idea for a modified car when she saw another family whose son has the same condition and immediately knew she had to get one for her son.  Noah drives his Mercedes-Benz down the hallways, which gives him the freedom to go wherever and whenever he wants, a luxury he would not otherwise have.

Kristine Jacobson, who works with Noah said, “While he’s driving the car, that’s the absolute only time he can control where he’s going to go, otherwise he’s at the will of whoever is going to push his chair.”

Many different organizations helped to make this car available to Noah, including his therapist, Marathon County Special Education, and Northcentral Technical College volunteered to modify the car at no charge.

Eventually the school is planning to expand playground equipment to encourage social development.