Police Reports: Stuck U-Haul Damages Lawn

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 11.08.18 at 8:34 : A 29 year-old Marshfield woman reported that a box of merchandise was stolen from in front of her apartment door. She stated the box was shipped and delivered to her door and shipping information stated the company left the box in front of her door. She explained she talked with a neighbor who stated she saw the tenant from one of the apartments come out of the building at 10. However, it was not clear if she was carrying a box. Officers were not able to make contact with the tenant at the time of report.
  • 11.08.18 at 12:37: A 63 year-old woman reported receiving unwanted phone calls and text messages from a 60 year-old Marshfield male. She wanted him contacted and told not to have any further contact with her. Officer spoke with him and he advised the same. Both parties were warned to have no further contact with each other.
  • 11.06.18 at 9:06 (reported): An 85 year-old Marshfield man reported that an unknown person opened both a checking and savings account through a bank using his social security number. Both accounts were closed prior to any usage or loss of money due to the bank sending a letter to him referencing the new accounts. He was provided a packet of information on what steps to take moving forward. The police report was completed for information purposes at this time.
  • 11.04.18 at 8:14 (reported): A man reported damage to the lawn of a company. The damage was consistent with a vehicle getting stuck in the lawn. It was learned that a U-Haul truck driven by two males caused the damage. Contact was made with both individuals and they were advised to contact the company and work out payment for the damages.
  • 11.04.18 at 16:45: A 47 year-old Marshfield woman reported a disturbance at her apartment. Investigation revealed a verbal argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The involved female, a 26 year-old Marshfield woman, was arrested for being in violation of her probation as she admitted she consumed intoxicants. She was transported to the Wood County Jail due to her uncooperative behavior.
  • 11.04.18 at 3:12: During a traffic stop the driver of the vehicle jumped in the back seat and then appeared to be unconscious. The male was was transported to MMC by ambulance. The male did become coherent at the ER and was arrested for OWI 2nd. He was left in the care of MMC. There will also be a request for charges for 3 counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.
  • 11.02.18 at 23:10: During a traffic stop a 27 year-old Marshfield female was arrested for possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She was booked at the MPD and then released.
  • 11.02.18 at 22:00: A Marshfield male reported someone caused damage to his truck while the truck was parked overnight on E 8th Street east of S. Cherry Avenue. The truck’s taillight was pulled out and had a new black mark on it, the splash guard on the rear driver’s side was partially pulled out (the screws were pulled free), and the truck had a black scuff on the truck bed. The damage appeared to be consistent with a bicycle causing the damage by going too close to the truck. He did not have any suspects or notice anything out of the ordinary.
  • 11.02.18 at 15:20: A 49 year-old Marshfield male reported he found a stray cat at his residence. The multi-colored cat was taken into possession and transported to the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter. Food and water was left in the cage with the cat and no further action taken.
  • 11.02.18 at 17:55 (reported): The complainant reported that her 10 year-old daughter disclosed to her that a friend at school said she was being hurt at home. Contact was made with the friend and her mother, and police obtained an explanation of what the girl meant by the comment and it did not meet the criteria of abuse. Wood County Human Services was advised of the complaint, including the results of the contact with the girl.
  • 11.01.18 at 16:00: The complainants expressed concern for the well-being of a 58 year-old Marshfield man who they had not seen since the previous afternoon. The apartment manager received consent to enter the apartment from the man’s guardian. Officers entered with the manager. An ambulance was contacted to transport the man to the hospital after he was found to be breathing, but unconscious.
  • 11.01.18 at 18:38: An officer responded to an anonymous caller who stated they could hear loud yelling coming from an apartment. On scene the officer met with the couple who were having a verbal argument over financial issues regarding their daughter that they have in common. The father agreed to leave with his daughter for the evening to avoid further argument. The mother was given resources on scene to assist with her current living arrangement.
  • 11.01.18 at 17:00: A man reported that a vehicle was damaged. It appeared a vehicle entered the gravel parking lot, was being disorderly, and threw gravel up. A piece of gravel hit the windshield of the Figi’s vehicle creating a tiny chip in the glass. There are no witnesses to this particular incident. A similar incident occurred back in September of 2016. A POP form was created for extra patrol and to attempt to identify the suspect vehicle.