Local Business “Solutionz” Rescues Cat Stuck in Tree for Three Days

A cat stuck for at least three days in a tree across from Marshfield School Forest is now safely on the ground, thanks to concerned local citizens. Pat Nennig frequently rides at the School Forest in the morning and heard the cat meowing and reached out to a Marshfield Area Pet Shelter volunteer.

When Travis Hill of Solutionz, LLC learned about the cat in the tree, he immediately offered to help. Driving the company bucket truck to the location, he attempted to reach the cat, which had climbed about 30 feet and was clinging to frail dead branches.

The first attempt was unsuccessful, but Hill wasn’t giving up. Another Solutionz worker, Mike Meharg, brought the 60 foot telehandler to the scene and Hill was able to reach the cat and place him safely in a carrier.

The kitty, named “Ed” in honor of another Solutionz employee (and to complement the Solutionz shop kitty “Edna”), was brought safely to MAPS for care. He was very happy to be on the ground again and is currently rehydrating and recovering from his adventure.

Neighbors to School Forest suspect that “Ed” was chased into the tree by a coyote that has been seen roaming the area, and then was unable to climb down due to the tree’s condition. Without assistance, it is likely “Ed” would not have survived much longer.

When asked why he didn’t hesitate to help, Hill said, “It was just the right thing to do.”

Hill also thanks Town of Rock Constable Bob Reed and Joleen, who also assisted, and Marshfield Area Pet Shelter for taking Ed into their care.