Fake Marshfield News Promises Pothole Awareness Marathon

Potholes are an ongoing topic of concern for Marshfield residents, given that Wisconsin weather seems to produce them faster than they can be filled in.

Taking a humorous stance on the situation, the satirical Fake Marshfield News Facebook page pledges 48 hours of hourly posts that are all about potholes starting at 6 p.m. on Black Friday, November 23.

“The streets make an impression on residents, potential residents who work in and visit Marshfield, and on potential developers and businesses. Plus, potholes are comedy gold,” said the page, the contributors of which remain anonymous.

Fake Marshfield News promises to start the “Pothole-A-Palooza” marathon once its post reaches 100 shares and comment tags.

“Our goals with the Pothole-A-Palooza marathon are humor and to make more people aware of the Fake Marshfield News Facebook page,” they said. “Our intent with the page is to help build a sense of community. We love Marshfield and hope that point is understood through our posts. We show that love by sometimes voicing concerns in a humorous way.”

Locals can show their support for the marathon by spreading the word and sharing the post by visiting. Visit facebook.com/fakemarshfieldnews

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